I have just come back from coffee with my friend Lucy

Lucy works as part of a unique sexy London escort service, and I used work for the same London escorts agency, so we know each other pretty well. In the last couple of months, Lucy has started a new relationship with a crazy Italian guy. He is lovely, but Lucy says that he gets excited by wild sex. Everything has to finish with such passion, and making love has to be a fantastic experience. Sometimes Lucy says that it just gets to be a little bit too much.

I can understand how Lucy feels. Wild sex is great but do we need to have it all the time. Having worked for the same London escorts agency means that we can speak quite honestly with each other, and it sounds like Lucy is getting rather tired of her Italian stallion. I would feel the same by now, as well. Not all London escorts want to swing from the chandlers all the time with their boyfriends. Sometimes it is nice to have a man with a bit of a slow hand, and I am glad that I have one of those at home.

I am sure that most men like to make love very passionately, but for us, ladies, it doesn’t quite work. The problem is that most men are rearing to go at a moment’s notice, but we take a little bit longer to get there. It is the same for most ladies, even for former London escorts. We need to be cuddled and kissed, not just a quick wham, bam, and thank you, mam. All ladies, including London escorts, appreciate being made love to and a man who knows that good sex starts before the bedroom.

Good sex does indeed start before the bedroom. Kissing and cuddling on the sofa is just as important to us ladies and made passionate love.

My friend Lucy says that the moment she kisses her Italian stallion, she is in bed. It is not what London escorts need when they come home from a long hard day at work. What most London escorts need is a Gin and Tonic and a foot massage after wearing those high stilettos all day. It is lovely to sit down and talk about the day, and eventually see how things progress.

Passion and wild sex are both critical factors of any relationship, but it is equally essential to be able to take your time. A couple’s massage could be an excellent way to kick off some loving action with, but sadly most men seldom have time for that sort of thing. The human touch is essential, and we all need it. Just touching each other without losing control is nice, but it seems to take some doing for most men. Perhaps the most important thing men can learn is patience when it comes to passion in the bedroom.

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