Entertainment in Prahran

You can attend comedy clubs, museums, theatres, art festivals and other exciting events held frequently in Prahran. There are a variety of carnivals and unique events that are organized in this cosmopolitan suburb of Melbourne. Get your funny bone tickled with stand-up comedy festivals during the weekdays or weekends. People visiting this suburb will not find a single dull day or an idle moment.

Prahran Entertainment

Laugh Out Loud

Comedy Nights are one of the most popular events found at these suburbs. You will not only find stand-up comedy but also musical comedy events performed by popular local artists. Get a taste of Australian humour that is tongue in cheek, and sometimes risqué, but all in good humour.

Prahran Entertainment


You can also visit unique exhibitions like the one about Star Wars. You can take a look at the captivating art of the Star Wars film saga. When visiting a theatre, sit back, relax and watch plays with the most unique stories and stupendous performances. You can also listen to the vibrant music in the events and live concerts when in Prahran. Most of these events are different and well organized and you’re always left wanting more. With a great mix of places and events happening in Prahran, you can certainly wine, dine and have unlimited fun in this suburb.


Gourmet Restaurants on the Streets of Prahran

You will find gourmet restaurants that serve authentic modern Australian cuisine as well as ethnic cuisine spread across the streets of Prahran. The Hobba eatery and bar on the Malvern Road in Prahran serves the best lamb skewers with roasted pumpkin, breakfast and meals in an outdoor seating. If you want to taste Japanese-styled Salmon with avocado and sauce, you must visit the Aka Tombo Japanese Restaurant nestled in the Greville Street. You can also try their scallop dumplings and other vegetarian delicacies.

Ethnic Restaurants

To taste American food, you can eat at Huxtaburger located on the High Street in Prahran. They serve cold beer with different flavours of burgers dressed in bacon, beef, southern fried chicken, tofu, and other eclectic flavours of American burgers. With live acoustic music played, you can have leisure Sundays at this place. The Lemnos Tavern on the High Street is a restaurant that serves traditional Greek cuisine which is quite popular. You can taste Baklava, Greek Coffee, grilled fish and mussels, and get a flavoured Greek dining experience.

Fine Dining

The L’Hotel Gitan is an informal family diner that serves smart food in French and Indochinese style. You can have the pumpkin curries, pan fried chicken wings, and steak tartare which is made in signature style at this restaurant.


Popular Clubs and Nightspots to visit in Prahran, Victoria

What better way to kick of my first post for 2016 then to give a comprehensive guide to popular night spots I have frequented over the years.

First of all The Emerson is a club that is contemporary styled and has different levels where you can have all the fun in one go! It has a spanning club, a cocktail bar, a lounge, and a rooftop at different levels. You can eat, drink, and play alike when you visit this club. The Social Bar in Prahran is an event lounge and bar that offers awesome wines and cocktails. It also has party menus where popular DJs of Melbourne are spinning their disks of popular house music.




Nightlife in Prahran is unforgettable with umpteen options of hanging out in the mainstream clubs, especially, over the weekends. The Velvet Underground Bar has dancers and cocktails to entertain and enthral you. You can smoke the Cuban cigars and enjoy the table top dancers and drinks. The Chapel Street in Prahran is filled with the choicest of swish night clubs and lounge bars. The Lucky Coq is a funky bar that serves pizzas and wine– a good place to hang out with a group of friends. These places are different from each other in décor, style, theme, and the platter that they offer.